Head of Trinity Episcopal School Nurtures Students’ Goals and Passions

In this story for Charlotte-based and Queen City-focused Pride magazine, I profiled Imana Sherrill, the new Head of School for Trinity Episcopal School. It’s pretty common to hear children dream of a myriad of occupations before finding the passion that eventually informs their career choice. That wasn’t the case for Sherrill. Even as a young child, she knew she wanted to be an educator. Now Sherill is living the dream every day. Read the story.

Immune health: A flourishing category fueled by novel ingredients, strong science, and consumer demand 

Bolstered by the Covid-19 pandemic, the immune health category is growing rapidly. In this free report, we look at the main drivers, natural ingredient innovations, and new product launches to help consumers better take charge of their health. Download the story to discover more.

Combating ‘brain fog’ post-COVID

Two years after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a little-known mental health phenomenon — brain fog — has come to the fore. Brain fog is a growing global health complaint associated with an inability to focus, sluggishness and a lack of concentration. Access this free report from Vitafoods Insights to explore some of the solutions, from nootropics and omega-3 to botanicals and minerals for cognitive health.